A Very Emo Christmas

Hopefully all of your packages are wrapped and discreetly hidden in various nooks and crannies, awaiting eager fingers to take delight in the tearing and ripping of their papery exteriors.  But if by chance you are in need of actually knowing what present shall be received by which lucky person, then I have just the ticket (or tag) for you!

Emo Elves and a big-bearded Santa! 

I don't really know why I did this.

But they are here and would love to enhance the wrapping of any package with their moodiness!  Just click here to get the large version and print away!

Merry Christmas!!!

Emo Smoothies

emo-smoothieI couldn't help myself.  I had to draw this...

I just couldn't believe how someone so riddled with teenage angst, facial piercings and heavy eyeliner could see the appeal of working at a perky, sugary sweet smoothie shop. Maybe he heard that car, insurance, drugstore, shampoo commercial telling us "Times are tough in today's economy" and figured he should get a job. Maybe it was the appeal of the ear numbing blenders that reminded him so much of his music. Maybe the blender's blades gave him the thrill of danger he was seeking. What ever the case, Kevin makes a good emo smoothie. With a free apathy boost.