A little bit about Mikela.

I'm an an illustrator that gravitates toward bringing attention to the overlooked and a writer that finds stories by asking questions of the mundane. The normal and day-to-day acts we all engage in can be the most beautiful if we just look at them from a fresh perspective.

With my illustration, I work traditionally in watercolor, acryla-gouache and a wee bit of collage. I tend to get bored with just one medium so whatever is arm’s reach, I’ll draw with it.

Awards and Accolades
Riverside Art Museum - Monothon 2001 * Best of Show
New York Society of Illustrators - 46
Society of Illustrators - 2004 * Honorable Mention
Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles - 43
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Honorable Mention 2004
American Illustration 24
Honors in Illustration, California State University Fullerton 2006
The Don Freeman Memorial Grant-In-Aid Winner 2006

Focus on the Family
Cricket Media
Lerner Publishing
McGraw-Hill Education
Ten Speed Press
Cambridge Press
LMNOP Magazine
Brain, Child Magazine
Steinway and Sons Pianos
Family Fun
Hylands Inc.