In Everything...

This is probably one of my favorite verses.  This is the one I would get tattooed in some cool hipster style on my shoulder if I was a cool hipster and not a middle age mom of three. Getting tattoos after that point in life, people start getting concerned. I first noticed this verse in the book The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  I absolutely recommend reading it.  Especially if you like crying.  A LOT.  Basically the story of two Christian sisters sent to concentration camp during WWII.  Really amazing example of faith.

In Everything Give Thanks - Mikela Prevost
In Everything Give Thanks - Mikela Prevost

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Open your homes...

This was such a great verse I heard at church the other week.  I usually doodle out the sermon notes in a little sketchbook, but this one was really demanding my attention...

Open Your Homes - Mikela Prevost
Open Your Homes - Mikela Prevost

If this tickles your fancy well go on and download a high-res version!

Illustrated verses are also great as smartphone wallpaper too!  Just snap a pic with your phone and select it as your wallpaper.

More verses to come...

A Very Emo Christmas

Hopefully all of your packages are wrapped and discreetly hidden in various nooks and crannies, awaiting eager fingers to take delight in the tearing and ripping of their papery exteriors.  But if by chance you are in need of actually knowing what present shall be received by which lucky person, then I have just the ticket (or tag) for you!

Emo Elves and a big-bearded Santa! 

I don't really know why I did this.

But they are here and would love to enhance the wrapping of any package with their moodiness!  Just click here to get the large version and print away!

Merry Christmas!!!