Illustration Friday - Pattern

reiko I hold this illustration very dear to my heart.  I did it many moons ago for school, basing it off of a book called The Samurai's Wife.  It was the first time I start playing with pattern, basically in response to my loathing of having to render drapery.   I just got to this point of  "@#$% it!  I hate drawing hanging clothes!"  And my love of collage and pattern began.  It has been an interesting process, this whole collage thingy.  Sometimes the more rational, responsible side of myself says, "y'know, this would be alot easier if you had just painted the gray heel of the socks instead of right now, being on your hands and knees, combing through your carpet looking for a 3mm gray triangle"

Yet still I persevere, collecting insanely small scraps of paper that I will, I WILL, use for a future illustration.