A Month of Mini-Interviews and Giveaways in November!

This is big.

I am so honored and yet a smidge skeptical as to why such a talented group of children's book writers/illustrators would include me in this November interview extravaganza!  But I'll put my suspicions to the side for now and introduce you to these crazy talented ladies as we jump around the blog-osphere interviewing each other.   These powerhouse personalities are  - Molly Idle, Juana Martinez Neal and Laura Jacobsen and they are here to share some of tricks of the trade of this illustration industry.

To sweeten the deal I'll throw in a few interviews about myself on what I've gleaned with this career choice.

Tuesday, Nov 8th.  You can visit Juana's blog for the first mini-interview of me!

Wednesday, Nov 9th. The mini-interviewing of me continues on Molly's blog!

Thursday, Nov 10th.  Check back here, where I will be interviewing myself.  I'm asking the hard hitting questions, Oprah style.  My goal is to make myself cry.

Friday, Nov 11th. The Mikela mini-interview finale can be found on Laura's blog!


Monday, Nov 14th. I will give away ............. wait for it ......... an original illustration.  Yes folks, the pile is high of illustrated work and since you have been so kind to endure my yammering, one lucky winner will get a unique piece of art forever.  For-ev-er, For-ev-er, For-ev-er, For-ev-er ("Sandlot"?  Anyone?)

For details on how to enter - stay tuned!

So make sure you are checking your Reader or bookmarks or what have you to get the full scope of all the talent assembled!

Check in with Molly and her interviews which are posted now!

And then....

Tuesday, Nov 15. Laura's week of interrogating thoughtful questions begins!

Tuesday, November 22. Juana's week to bring on the heat!

Don't miss it!

It's gonna be INSANE!!!!!!