I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I never had one hit so close to home as Planet Money's "How To Buy A Stolen Credit Card" It was one of those moments; I was listening and washing dishes when Zoe Chace gave the short exposition about how credit card theft happens.  I really wish I had dramatically dropped the macaroni laden plate from my hands in shock, but the plate stayed firm in my grasp.  I did give a short gasp and listened closely to Ms. Chace describe the sordid underbelly of the stolen credit card market. In a nutshell, I learned that the $300 that had just been charged to our credit card not even 24 hours prior to this podcast had taken a drip with thousands of other terrified and anxious credit card digits into a seedy site that could be considered E-bay's evil twin.  Our $300, our THREE HUNDRED dollars I learned, mostly likely was bought be a certified criminal for a mere $30.  To understand why, you have to listen to the podcast.  Zoe Chace and Adam Davidson do brilliant job explaining this market and also making you as a credit card holder completely paranoid.  Well, not completely...but still.