Sweet Love

I love scones. I love blueberry scones above all.

When I'm in line at, oh let's say...Starbucks... and I see one remaining blueberry scone behind the glass case,  I first start to go into a mild panic, then calm myself down and start sizing up the people in line ahead of me -

"She doesn't look like a scone kind of lady".

"He...he...is probably gonna go for that maple glazed cruller donut".

"C'mon, c'mon!  Hurry up!  You've order the largest drink possible!  Why are you looking at the bakery case?  Stop eye-stalking my scone!"

In the event that I am unable to acquire that which I covet, I have had to make do with my own.

This is the recipe I use when I am at a loss of perfectly purchasable scones.  You can also check it out on the really fun site They Draw and Cook where some lovely illustrated recipes are happening.